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CO2 fractional laser-- which is state of the technology for reduction of scar mark & acne marks.
Soft Tissues Augmentation is a technique by which we can remove creases or lines. It is a simple office procedure & does not require any admission. Large areas and multiple lesions can be covered at one sitting. It gives instant result.
3)CO2 Fractional Lasers
Carbon dioxide fractional laser removes layers of skin tissue in a fractional method. It is a technique of preventing damage to the top layer of the skin offering maximum results with minimal recovery time. Common minor side effects for fraction laser include redness & swelling that last about one day. It may require a number of sessions for best result. This technique is easy & safe to use.

We commonly use this laser in-

1) Acne scars
2) Stretch marks
3) Warts
4) Periorbital & perioral wrinkles
5) Surgical scars
6) Photo ageing
7) Skin rejuvination and resurfacing
8) Skin tightening
9) Burn scars
10) Sun damage recovery


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