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Cosmetic Surgery
  3)CO2 Fractional Lasers
  Carbon dioxide fractional laser remove layers of skin tissue in a fractional method. It is a technique of preventing damage to the top layer of the skin offering maximum results with minimal recovery time. Common minor side effects for fraction laser include redness & swelling that last about one day. It does require session for best result. This technique is easy & safe to use.
  We commonly used this laser in-
  1) Aene scars
2) Stretch marks
3) Waits
4) Periorbital & perioral wrinkles
5) Surgical scars
6) Photo ageing
7) Skin rejuvinating and resurfacing
8) Skin tightening
9) Burn scars
10) Sun damage recovery
  4)Electro cauterisation-
  It is a safe procedure used to remove harmful/unwanted tissue, without any cut or bleed. In this technique a small probe is used to burn or destroy tissue. It is often a office procedure which does not require any sessions or admission and is a single sitting procedure with no side effects.

To minimize patient discomfort we anaesthetise the affected area to reduce or minimize pain. Commonly used in-
  1)Removing warts
2) Polyps
3) Granuloma
4) Cauterizing small blood vessels
5) Freckles
6) Skin tags
7) Mollouscum Contagiosum
8) Xanthlesma
  5) Radio frequency-
  It is a technique by which we deliver deep heating sensations to the skin and underlying tissues. It is a single sitting office procedure which does not require any admission. It is safest non surgical procedure without any side effects & gives best results.
  We use in condition as
  1) Mole/naevi
2) Skin tags
3) Keloids
4) Wart removal

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