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Hair Treatment

Hair problems are some of the commonest problems which we face in our day to day life. They may be cased by multi-factorial reasons like - lack of nourishment, pollution, chemical stresses & systemic causes and hormonal changes like thyroid and other harmones.

Common problems of hair include-

1) Alopecia

2) Greying of hair

3) Dandruff

4) Chemically treated hair


How a days very common hair problem depends on many factors like malnourishment, pollution, smoking, stress, alcohol, systemic diseases (thyroid, diabetes, PCOD) and to a great extent genetic also.

Greying of hair

It is another very common problem in young girls & boys. Cause for greying or whitening of hair include vitamin deficiency, thyroid, erratic life style, stress, electric dryers and poor scalp conditioning.


Commonest scalp disorder affecting almost half of the population at the post pubertal age causes itching and flaking on the scalp. It is a fungal infection.

1) Hair oil commonly

2) Fungus

3) Seasonal changes

4) Stress

5) Immune suppression

Damaged hair

It is one of the biggest problems that we face in our daily practice. In todaya€?s era all the mehndi and dyes contain huge amounts of chemicals which cause extensive damage to our hair leading to leatorary or even permanent loss of hair. Now a days man treatment option are available to improve the condition of the hair.

Treatments available in our Hospital include -

1) Medication

2) Mesotherapy

3) Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

4) Hair transplant


In cases of mild hair loss, the patient can be treated with the help of medications and lotions. Medication can slow thinning of hair & increase coverage of the scalp by growing new hair. But they need to be taken regularly for a few months - leaving the medication in between will not give proper result.


It is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males & females by reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. In this therapy we infuse proteins & other nutrient factors which are necessary for the hair to re-grow. It is a simple non surgical, painless procedure that take 15-20 min. In this process we apply some nutritional serums on the scalp followed by roller application to provide and promote accelerated growth of hair, improving blood circulation & strengthening the hair follicles. A number of session are needed to achieve the desired result. These is no side effect of this techenique. This is an offer procedure and no hospitalisation is required.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

It is an advanced technique for the hair to re-grow. It is a simple non surgical painless office procedure that takes 15-20 minutes. In this technique we take patients blood and centrifuge to separate platelet from the whole blood and infuse the same on the scalp followed by roller application. The platelets contain growth factors that induce collagen production and stimulate blood circulation. A number of sessions are required to achieve beneficial results. This techenique also is without any side effects. It is also an office procedure are hospitalisation is not required.

Hair transplant

It is an advanced surgical technique in which we take hair follicles from the patients back of scalp called donor site and transplant then to the affected site from the same patient side called recipient site. There are different ways of days the Hair transplant. a) FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) b) FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

a) Follicular Unit Transplant-

It is a technique in which we take hair from the permanent zone in a strip manner the area in the back & sides of the scalp. This technique is done under local anaesthesia to reduce patient discomfort the procedure is without any side effects. Post operative follow up can yield good cosmetic result & give natural look.

b) Follicular Unit Extraction

It is a technique in which we extract individual hair follicle from the back & side of the scalp where hair is more to balding. This technique is done under anaesthesia to minimize pain, the techneque is without any side effects. Proper follow up can yield good cosmetic result & gives natural look.