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Laser Treatment

Laser is an advanced technique about using beams of light. It sends short concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin. This removes unwanted damaged skin in a very precise manner one layer at a time. Laser is a non-surgical painless office procedure that does not require any admission. In our Hospital we have different lasere for different problems.

Include :

1) Diode Lasers

It is used for removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy hair follicle without causing any side effect to original body. It takes a number of sessions (6-7 sessions) for completele removal and best results. Hair on the face, upper lip, under arms, beard and full body can be removed/reduced. It causes no side effect and not requir hospital admission.

2) Q-switch Laser

Most pigmentary skin lesion whether epidermal & dermal acquired congenital can be treated with Q-switch lasers. In this technique we directly give beams to the pigmented lesions to achieve the desired clinical results without much damage to the surrounding area. It is also painless procedure which require no. Of session for the best result to achieve. It can be used to treat cases of Nevus of Ota, Cafe spot, age pigment, freakles, birth marks, tattoo removal and melasma. It can also be used for skin rejuvenation.

3) CO2 Fractional Lasers

Carbon dioxide fractional laser remove layers of skin tissue in a fractional method. It is a technique of preventing damage to the top layer of the skin offering maximum results with minimal recovery time. Common minor side effects of fraction laser include redness and swelling that last about one day. It does require many sessions for best result. This technique is easy & safe to use. We commonly use this laser in-1) Acne scars 2) Stretch marks 3) Warts 4) Periorbital & perioral wrinkles 5) Surgical scars 6) Photo ageing 7) Skin rejuvination and resurfacing 8) Skin tightening 9) Burn scars and 10) Sun damage recovery.

4) Electro cauterisation-

It is a safe procedure used to remove harmful/unwanted tissue, without any cut or bleed. In this technique a small probe is used to burn or destroy tissue. It is often a office procedure which does not require any sessions or admission and is a single sitting procedure with no side effects. To minimize patient discomfort we anaesthetise the affected area to reduce or minimize pain. Commonly used in-

  • 1)Removing warts
  • 2) Polyps
  • 3) Granuloma
  • 4) Cauterizing small blood vessels
  • 5) Freckles
  • 6) Skin tags
  • 7) Mollouscum Contagiosum
  • 8) Xanthelasma

5) Radio frequency-

It is a technique by which we deliver deep heating sensations to the skin and underlying tissues. It is a single sitting office procedure which does not require any admission. It is safest non surgical procedure without any side effects & gives best results. We use this techneque in conditions such as-

  • 1) Mole/naevi
  • 2) Skin tags
  • 3) Keloids
  • 4) Wart removal